Thrift Store Makeover #10

Avaldati 9 juuli 2021
Hey guys! Today is another episode from my series Thrift Store Makeovers, where I take a used, worn out item (OR sometimes from yard sales or off of ebay) clean it up, fix it up and decorate it. I love hunting through thrift stores to find old, rejected items and then decorating them and putting my own style on them to turn them into new pieces of art. I've definitely missed these thrift flips and I want to do more thrifting soon!

In this episode I am going to be painting on and customizing a ceramic ice cream cone vase cup thing? I had so much fun with this because I decided to incorporate some daiso clay into the project as well as painting and decorating it. Hope you like it!

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  • Sprinkles 🥺

  • “My face is the ice cream” - Moriah Elizabeth 2021

  • We need a cherry song

  • Moriah should create earrings with her characters as pairs e.g. Shelly and Eustace and Pickled Pink and Pickle!

  • (---- video if on landscape mode

  • i think moriah is being forced to do the yearbook 😥

  • First one to pit this emoji: 😀in the comments i will subscribe to!

  • 8:15 Her: “Some banana yellow” Me: “some banana blue”

  • Was enyone else thinking that she could put money in it like as a secret stash thing but then realised that if she said that in the video it wouldn’t be secret 😶…… just me?…….. okie…. 😁🙈

  • Wow that monkey looks AMZING I wish I could do stuff like that!

  • Moriah should make a yearbook with all of her characters in it day 1 of asking

  • The nose changed color!

  • I hate bananas

  • I'm not sure, but I think you were right about it being an actual ice cream bowl originally!

  • only true lovers will realize that THE SPRINKLE SONG WAS SPED UP

  • IT'S SOOO CUTE!!!!!

  • Can you do more squishy videos

  • I hate how the comment section has become just video suggestions. I guess this is a reminder that we appreciate every video and effort to entertain us!

  • Did anyone else die of laughter when she said "ThEn I MaDe A BaH Na nA"

  • You can store money in it 🤑

  • so cute!!!!❤️

  • hi

  • i love your vids you make me laugh also when im bord i will wach your vids btw im 7 huge fan

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  • I think the ice cream cone thing was originally a pencil/pen holder... 😅

  • But the bananas aren’t split

  • I want ice cream cone head to Browne Pizza Adel on ice cream corner cute and chocolate ice cream

  • who thinks that Moriah should make a cherry song

  • 02:26 my favorite part

  • You should use aluminium foil squished in a ball to avoid using that much clay. You could also use Styrofoam balls. This had probably been suggested several times but I refuse to go thru thousands of comments to find out.

  • If anyone has watched Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn at 2:13 she sounds like Madison A.K.A. the but girl, or also known as the butter.

  • You should customize earrings! Or a ring

  • i love eating

  • haiiii

  • Moriah should make a yearbook of all her CHARACTERS not squishes characters i think it would be cool copy if you agree Edit:and do awards too

  • Is this the kind monkey in ice cream form…. 😚

  • Mom only one who’s mad that she like left that big bite out of the cone

  • i felt so uncomfortable when mo was applying varnish on the monkey cause the tongue was out it just did not feel right


  • I hate gesso just because of the soul reason that when I used to watch you when I was little you didn’t use it

  • The first thing that came to my mind was GEORGIEEEEEE

  • 2:00 *Me trying to show off to my friends*

  • Ok ok here me out, I’ve watched this video so many times and I have no memory of her painting the ice cream like that like 2 colours, I remember her painting it on colour ok nvm, I think I’m broken!

  • *get excited , get excited NOW* 👩‍🦲🔪

  • 1:25 did she say “vayse”?? I-

    • @Snapeorita i- wow thats interesting😭😂😂

    • @WhAtEvEr In America 'vase' is how you pronounce it :)

    • Because you aren’t American

    • @Snapeorita its pronounced vohz

    • Yes, vase

  • When (if) Moriah runs out of Gesso, we need a proper burial

  • Why are you so amazing?

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  • It a very cute but looks like a bear then a monkey,instead of a round nose I would have done 2 ovalsn

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  • I think it's a pencil holder


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  • Painting on pop it

  • ya know my sister was annoying me today because i went outside wich she wanted me to do and then she shouted at me and made me come inside but you cheered me up! thank you!

  • Moriah: de de da dum dum da duuum!! Me: *poom poom*

  • I agree

  • Tip you can ball up tin foil and rap your clay around it or you can rap wire together it saves clay and doesn't take so long to dry fully

  • Moriah should create custom earrings with her character pairs like Shelly and Eustace Jolly jelly and Peanut bitter and Pickle the dinosaur and and cousin derp 🦕 🦖 it would be fun.

  • She makes every Friday special for me .She just doesn’t know

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  • Hello

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  • I'm better at clay and I'm 6 years old well actually 7 years old I was but 6 when I made clay art.

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  • Hi

  • where is monkeys tail


  • kinda looks more like a bear lol its still cute though ofc

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  • What there’s no way this was a month ago it feels like last week



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    • GESSO

  • its an ice cream sundae cup. you make ice cream sundaes in it.

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