Thrift Store Makeover #11

Avaldati 10 sept 2021
Hey guys! Today is another episode from my series Thrift Store Makeovers, where I take a used, worn out item (OR sometimes from yard sales or off of ebay) clean it up, fix it up and decorate it. I love hunting through thrift stores to find old, rejected items and then decorating them and putting my own style on them to turn them into new pieces of art. I've definitely missed these thrift flips and I want to do more thrifting soon!

In this episode I am going to be painting on and customizing a wooden recipe box. I made some interesting little food creations (ya'll know how much I love painting food). I hope you like it!

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  • Make the other thing a cat in a cupcake liner!!

  • The French fries are bubble gum fries

  • You make my days better yay love your vids have a good life

  • Hi there is opi

  • Shame on my brother he hates sprinkles however I love them

  • I was very surprised to hear the recitation of the Qur'an on the child's face😘😘😘cute baby..

  • Once I bought a thing of sprinkles and I literally ate them plain *delicious*

  • *_Our_*_ recipes.._

  • I think you should turn it into a cat inside a gumball machine. Love the vid btw.

  • Make it Opie


  • I think you should make the cat into Shelly or Eustis

  • Make it a cat cup cake

  • Sprinkles genuinely taste so good though

  • The fries could be made out of pound cake

  • you should make the other one a kitty in hotcocoa (bring back foodamals)

  • (me being sad because i live in another country and i cant get merch)

  • I think you should make it in t a cat cupcake

  • Turn that thing into a blob the cat for the next makeover, turn it into a blob

  • Thrift makeover idea : You could make the cat egg thing into a pumpkin and if you can open it paint the pumpkin guts inside and add maybye the dog in a pumpkin!

  • A brown bear 😖🐻🐻 I know I know I’m boaring

  • the crust for the pizza is graham cracker. then it’s a s’more

  • Dessert french fries could be fried dough with some powdered sugar as a replacement for salt

  • I’ve been watching ur videos for 2 years now ,I love ur videos so entertaining !

  • Wait a minute- was that her characters painted on a deck of cards??

  • Turn the ummmmmm cat thing? into opie with a scarf.

  • You should make a Cat In a Tea cup Having a tea party with ur old Tea squishy s

  • For the cat you can you make a cat jumping out off cake

  • i love the thrift storrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • You should make a kitty Sunday with that cat at least I think it’s cat and this makeover looks so good!

  • The French fries could be French toast

  • All I thought was churros

  • French fries with vanilla ice cream are good. And I've had "desert pizza" at Cicis pizza

  • I got mt appendix taken out i don’t fell good \

  • Fries could be apple slices with cinnamon

  • Make the mat into a cupcake cat plsss

  • I saw it pause the vid at 9:00

  • I think it's a slat/pepper shaker or Russian nesting dolls so I think you should make it a unicorn shaker maybe for giltter idk or Russian nesting dolls themed after different places of the world.

  • 4:24 an alternative title to Minecraft

  • Make an into a cupcat

  • U should make a cat somthing out of that other thing

  • the hotdog thing would taste amazing if the bun was banana bread

  • I think you should paint it white and then make it like a little ...... What ever you want!!

  • Maby do a snowglobe but the sprinkles are the snow

  • Possibility for the next Makeover: maybe you could turn it into some kind of cute animal fall decoration? I mean, it’s fall so like, maybe a fox or something? Just an idea

  • On the next one you should do cat ice cream

  • Can you cook all of these

  • Paint to look like youer new alien cat squishy

  • You should add recipes from the squishy barking series you do

  • It looks like pizza in different colors

  • I thought food first second

  • Maybe you could turn that cat thing into a potato that looks like Pickle

  • Sprinkles get stuck in my braces

  • Make the other thing do it to A beer

  • I think you should make a pickle timer

  • Turn it into the squishy desert cat that u painted


  • Me my sister and her friend and my mom are obsessed with all of your baking videos and I can’t wait until there’s more my sister and her friend it’s now an inside joke of theirs to be like it’s a BOMB!! So yeah please do that:))

  • Make it into opie

  • Hi ilysm

  • She should make shortbread fries drizzled in chocolate sauce

  • Make it a ice cream 🍨

  • can you PLEASEEEE continue the recreating squishies to food series!!!! btw i love your videos and i have been watc hing since 2017 :))

  • Moriah: my hair should not be laying on the table like this Me: RePUnzUl REPUnZUl LeT DoWN yOuR hAIr

  • Okay I thought of the dumbest idea for the cat thing in cup, a grumpy calico cat with a tuna can and the label is a wittle gold fishie and the cat being like I want food… I think it’s so dumb it’s amazing

  • Nobody: No actually nobody: Why are you still here

  • 7:20 anime english dubs be like

  • Make it a dog wearing a strawberry costume

  • I have din watching Mariah for 3 years: I’ve gotten, squishys, hoards, little things that I don’t need. Thank u Mariah for all that u go me to buy.

  • 7:26 I love how you sounded drunk xD (Please dont take in the wrong way, it just a joke)


  • I think the regular french fries with chocolate on top fits cause some people have dipped their regular french fries into their milkshakes and liked eating it with a bit of the milkshake on it. So I think it fits.

  • for the cat thing you should make it into shelly the cat

  • Fun fact! In my state we have something called “dessert pizza” that’s in most pizza buffet restaurants . It’s sweetbread dough, cake crumbs on top of the bread and royal icing. There are also cinnamon and blueberry options of dessert pizza. My grandpa and the internet call it cactus bread, but everyone else I know has called it dessert pizza.

  • 🙌house tour🙌 Pleasw

  • U should pant a pumpkin 🎃 for that other thrift store item

  • love the vids!

  • You could make a penguin with a cup of hot chocolate because you know Christmas is coming up. Lol

  • names or something" lol love your vids hope your day/night/morning/evening goes well 💖💖

  • I love your way of painting and those adorable desserts !

  • I think it would me cool to make the cat thing you showed and you should paint it to look like your cat

  • does anybody remember the paper holder thrift store makeover? this wasn’t the fist time she couldn’t think of an idea…

    • Make it the scared chicken from the chicken wedding but pit him it different clothes so he’s not going to a wedding

  • The french fries could be deep fried cookie dough sticks with nutella or a chocolate drizzle on them

  • The French fries could be picky sticks without the chocolate on them and the chocolate on top

  • The thing which you showed for make over, you can actually use a squishy on top and make it a little foodi

  • She is not a creative person.

  • I sees it it's a kitty cat with a red sweater you probably make it a dog instead of cat painted a different color lights use water paper something

  • I think you could turn the next item into almost like a fox coming out of a log :)

  • Please give us your postal address

  • You forgot the fingers down my spine when you gessoed

  • you should've made the French fries into Pretzels

  • Did anyone notice that the sprinkle song was technically used twice in one video 🤔

  • the entire time watching you make over the box I kept thinking "imagine she designed lil "recipe" cards for her desert plushies that were just lil drawings of the plushies with their names or something" lol love your vids hope your day/night/morning/evening goes well 💖💖

  • You forgot the sprinkle song

  • My middle name is Elizabeth and she looks like my mother...well I’m not sure now isk I haven’t seen my mom for 5 years...I’m totally fine I’m ok (gets bullied next day) oh ya I’m fine..(cry’s)oh yeah I’m ok...(dieting inside every time I wach Moria it’s not her) I SAID IM OK

  • Paint the thingy majiger a pumpkin! With cute faces, then the top should be the top of the pumpkin like the stem.

  • Make it the scared chicken from the chicken wedding but pit him it different clothes so he’s not going to a wedding

  • You should make a blob thingeeee out of the cat thing


  • Make The cat Thing a blob pls 💖