Testing Art Trends I've Missed #3

Avaldati 12 märts 2021
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Hey guys! So I have dedicated this series to testing out the art trends that I've noticed around social media in the past year, but have never actually taken the time to try out.

Last time I did this, I did acrylic pour, I've also tried hydro dipping, with mixed results haha. This time I am doing pancake art, which was super popular a while back, not just for artists but for pretty much everyone on youtube lol. I'm not the best at combining art with food in the past, BUT I am willing to give this a try. Hopefully we can have some fun making cute pancake art.

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  • {,me why does she sound so sad, [her ,,,,,,,,

  • Moriah:theres only one thing to do now. Me:RAINBOW!? Moriah:Absrtact Art Me:oh...

  • Moriah : it’s art that u can eat / me : ok, makes sense / Moriah : it’s food that u can art / me : say wut now ??!

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  • The private chef temporarily rush because parade reportedly cough unto a typical state. cute, dusty hockey

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  • Flour bag: pre sifted Moriah: (so happy) i trust you, we dont need to do no sifting

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  • Moriah's sponsor clips of the video are the only sponsor clips I didn't skip. They are so funny

  • Moriah: who should I eat? Me: the burger? Moriah: Georgie (smile) Me: WHAT!?!

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