Painting on CLAY

Avaldati 21 mai 2021
Hey guys! Today I wanted to try something a little bit different. I decided to try sculpting with Das air dry clay. I wanted to make some original clay creations and paint them myself. I feel like it's so satisfying to watch sculpting and then painting on clay. I've seen those tiktok clay painting videos hahah. So this has been on my video idea list for a long time. I am very much so a beginner when it comes to clay, so I wanted to stick to some fun and easy things to make with air dry clay. I think air dry clay is much more beginner friendly than polymer clay, and I really enjoyed working with this brand. Although, of course, the most fun part of creating things with clay, is painting and decorating the clay in the end. I ended up making some cute, custom clay figurines, I hope you like them!

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  • Do a card set

  • Do a card set

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  • 12:50 looks like Polly from amphibia

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  • Clays is so easy to work with

  • THE PLOBISH BLOB aka stunned fish blob

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  • PART 2

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  • Tip: roll up a ball of tinfoil then put the clay over it

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