Painting on PAINT Brushes?!

Avaldati 7 mai 2021
Hey! Ok, so it's happened, I've lost it. 🤣 Just kidding. This is a video idea that I got from some of you guys. Ever since I did my "Painting on Paint Palettes" mini series, I've notice this request appearing in the comments. Apparently some of you really wanted to see my trying to paint on paint brushes. So, here I am to do it. I have no idea how this idea got spread around, it is quite a strange one, but we are used to that around here. This was definitely an interesting art experiment. Made for a very unique art project. At least it does serve as some cool DIY room decor for my Art and craft room. Even though this was a little strange, and definitely not the typical item for customization, I did have some fun with it. I hope you enjoy watching!

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  • Next will be painting on paint bottles

  • The “bristle scrunchie” is calling a ferrule

  • paint pillow case

  • can you paint food


  • When I said she was gonna paint rainbow 🌈 paint 🎨 she painted rainbow paint 🎨

  • It's like you brought a cartoon to life!!!

  • I want

  • I love them. I would love that see more if yoy decide to.

  • "prepare to be useless" brush-"I hate you"

  • "The butt crack of the rain bow". Green-"no". Yellow-" no MORE" Green-" NO BLENDY" Yellow-" YES NO BLENDY"

  • Paint rubber ducks!

  • Paint a really cool big giant puppet among us

  • soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • why dont u paint on paint brushes 🤣

  • P A I N T O N P A I N T.

  • Moriah should create earrings with her characters as pairs e.g. Shelly and Eustace and Pickled Pink and Pickle!

  • She should make a yearbook full of all her own characters oldest should be seniors class clown etc.

  • i dont like it i love it

  • make a pt2

  • You should paint on empty paint tubes next

  • Hi

  • Hello

  • Have you ever tried hama beads or pearler beads. You could try to creater Grorgie

  • pAint oN wAtER

  • Can you take a old book and paint it I would love to see what you can do! Will I get pinned? Me Me Me

  • I love it 😻

  • Is it just me or does anyone else think that Moriah should do a part 2 of this?

  • This video is weird 😦🙄🤨

  • Paint TVs

  • You did not sigh them ahhhhhh

  • Can you please make a cookie

  • It will go off if it wet will it

  • I really like her hair it's so shiny, like gurl give me your recipe ✨✨✨

  • I love the paintbrushes 🖌

  • you should paint on a glass horse

  • Mariah should make her old art into squishys

  • i had hiccups watching this video

  • Can u do a Cousin Derp and pickle brush?



  • First the paint pallets hen the paint brushes, before we know t she is going to paint on a gesso container!

  • I think you should do more

  • You can't paint over. Paint brush as a paint brush on the first project Mariah it's too high concept to SOON!!

  • 7:45 on that part she said she had a therapist finally she has one I think it was at that part idk

  • "People make mistakes I'm a People" -Moriah Elizabeth

  • I thought this was gonna be dumb but I was so wrong

  • HOW WAS THIS POSTED IN MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2:00 Okay, I was not expecting you to paint the bristles too lol 8:51 LOVE IT! Really love how they turned out! It's cool how the paint makes the brushes look fake!

  • do a plushy makover 2

  • You should make a painting on a paint bucket next 😀

  • you said paint 72 times

  • You could prank someone with that paint brush because it has white paint on it and it’s like if someone wanted their room to be with their wall in their room to be pink or some other time color and they didn’t want white whitePaint their walls could take it and pretend to paint that would be funny I’m sorry for that


  • The second one is definetly my favorite.

  • not bad

  • Could you paint on hair brushes I think it would be funny! :)

  • Me thinking Moriah went to school Moriah:I'm a people Me:it's I'm a person. Me thinking Moriah went to school Moriah: brisil scrunchie

  • tare so pretty

  • I LOVED IT!!

  • more examples or child adult moriah 1:38 😂

  • at 1:12 moriah reminds me of when you hand to 4 year old lollies but instead it paint brushes because moriah is a child adult

  • Paint on paint bottles now????

  • I always take the leftover paint to make backgrounds on extra paper for future projects. It sometimes gives me a starting point or sparks an idea for another project.

  • POV: you ran out of things to paint 😂

  • you and marko should make a video together 😂😂😌

  • I think it’s funny you use paint brushes to paint and your now painting one lol

  • 4:45

  • What happened with your paint palette right here 11:08

  • I really like how you painted them

  • Paint more paint brushes pleeeeeeeaaaaaase

  • Hey Mariah do you think it would be possible to paint on paint bottles

  • She should make a yearbook of all her characters the oldest could be the seniors and she should have pages like class clown best couple at Etc

  • Is it bad i got overly exited when she said she was going to paint the brisels.. :I

  • YOU r the MOST CREATIVE PERSON IN THE WORLD i love ur aditude

  • Can you do a art room tour please

  • kann you paint on paint?

  • Wait... I need to know why she didn't just dip the brush in the gesso?

  • Everyone! We need to remind Mariah to get ready for Halloween! It’s in less than a month! 🍫 🧹 🎃 🕸🕷 Type: MORIAH! GET READY FOR HALLOWEEN AND START GETTING UR SQUISHY’S TO ROAST PREPARED! 🕸🕷

  • GURL!!! WHAT'S NEXT?!?!?! PAINT CANS?!?!?!?!?!?! (Btw I'm not hating, I'm just surprised)

  • I honestly like the 2nd one better

  • @Moriah Elizabeth You can make drips (if you have time and if you want to, of course) by taking parchment and making drips and then paint them if you want and attach them to the brush :)

  • Who else thinks Moriah should paint pins? No? just me? Ok :(

  • can you paint on emtey paint tubes


  • Oh wait sorry! Bristle scrunchie

  • Now it's time to paint on paint.

  • the brush is so cute!

  • Lets see but i want you to paint on paint bottles lol i have no idea but p a i n t o n p a i n t b o t t l e s

  • Moriah 2018 - DIY’S and weirdness Moriah 2019 - painting on books (like create this book) Moriah 2020 - painting on paint pallets Moriah 2021 - painting on paint brushes Moriah 2022 - painting on paint Moriah 2023 - painting in paint on paint

  • Wish she'd gone to the thrift store and gotten some old messed up ones instead of making brand new ones unusabl.


  • Apparently I missed this one for 4 months W e I r d

  • Next thing we know, her next video will say: *Painting On Paint*

  • I see you always paint rainbow of 6colours... why? The rainbow colors are 7. Fuxia red orange yellow green indaco (light blue) and violetto (light purple)

  • “People make mistakes,and I am a people” That for me laughing for a long time

  • Yea me too

  • On the first one, she is painting a paintbrush with a paintbrush to look like a fancy paintbrush to be an art decor peace in her art room! Ha! ( wow, I don’t think that I’m able to reapet that. 🤯 )

  • Fun fact: On the paint pallete has some blue dried up leather paint is from the video "painting on vans" that she transferred to her custom paints

  • I though it was interesting and fun good job Moriah