Dollar Store Makeovers 2

Avaldati 30 juuli 2021
Hey guys! Today I am doing the second episode of dollar store makeovers! You guys really loved the first video I did like this, so I decided to continue on and make it a little series.

I decided to go shopping at the Dollar Store for a couple of items that I thought would be fun to paint on, customize and decorate to make them more of my style. I noticed shopping at the Dollar Tree, that there were so many cute things that had a lot of easy DIY potential. I wanted to do this to show that you don't need to spend a lot to have fun with art and customizing things. There are so many cheap and affordable items to be painted on! This video starts out with a mini dollar tree haul, and then I go on to feature 2 different $1 makeovers. I hope I give you some fun ideas for easy dollar store flips!

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