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Hey it's ME (Moriah Elizabeth).

What editing program do you use? Adobe Premiere Pro CC
What camera do you film with? Panasonic GH4
What ethnicity are you? My mom is white, my dad is peruvian/italian
How old are you? 25
Did you make Create This Book? Yes! I wrote it, illustrated it and published it myself. It is sold on

For business or promotional inquiries please contact [email protected]

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For sending squishies, Letters, or general fan mail, please contact: [email protected] to request my P.O. box address :)
•FOR SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE! Unfortunately I can only respond to a small amount of people each week. This is to make sure that I get a reasonable amount of mail and can feature the maximum amount on camera. I apologize in advance if you do not hear back from me. This email get SUPER clogged with thousands of messages. SORRY PEEPS!*


16:18Squishy Makeover #29
Squishy Makeover #29Vaatamised 906 tuhPäev tagasi
16:53Create This Book 2 | Episode #12
Create This Book 2 | Episode #12Vaatamised 1,7 mln7 päeva tagasi
12:18Thrift Store Makeover #11
Thrift Store Makeover #11Vaatamised 2 mln14 päeva tagasi
17:30Painting ON Tie Dye
Painting ON Tie DyeVaatamised 2,3 mln21 päev tagasi
15:39Pack With ME (I'm Moving AGAIN!)
Pack With ME (I'm Moving AGAIN!)Vaatamised 3 mln28 päeva tagasi
12:26Painting on HUGE Canvases (Pt. 2)
Painting on HUGE Canvases (Pt. 2)Vaatamised 2,2 mlnМісяць tagasi
13:22Painting a HUGE Canvas (Pt. 1)
Painting a HUGE Canvas (Pt. 1)Vaatamised 2,8 mlnМісяць tagasi
14:04Reacting to My OLD Squishy Makeovers
Reacting to My OLD Squishy MakeoversVaatamised 3,1 mlnМісяць tagasi
14:09Dollar Store Makeovers 2
Dollar Store Makeovers 2Vaatamised 3,4 mlnМісяць tagasi
13:49Painting on Seashells (AGAIN)
Painting on Seashells (AGAIN)Vaatamised 2,9 mln2 місяці tagasi
15:19Squishy Makeovers: Spin The Wheel | Fixing Your Squishies #28
12:53Thrift Store Makeover #10
Thrift Store Makeover #10Vaatamised 3 mln2 місяці tagasi
12:21Paint With ME...
Paint With ME...Vaatamised 3 mln2 місяці tagasi
16:16Letting Opie Choose What I Paint
Letting Opie Choose What I PaintVaatamised 4,5 mln2 місяці tagasi
17:36MY ANNUAL Q&A |  2021
MY ANNUAL Q&A | 2021Vaatamised 2 mln3 місяці tagasi
18:37Art Things to do When You're Bored #7
Art Things to do When You're Bored #7Vaatamised 5 mln3 місяці tagasi
15:17Create This Book 2 | Episode #11
Create This Book 2 | Episode #11Vaatamised 3,4 mln3 місяці tagasi
15:50Painting on CLAY
Painting on CLAYVaatamised 4,4 mln4 місяці tagasi
15:53Squishy Makeovers: Fixing Your Squishies #27
Squishy Makeovers: Fixing Your Squishies #27Vaatamised 5 mln4 місяці tagasi
14:21Painting on PAINT Brushes?!
Painting on PAINT Brushes?!Vaatamised 3,8 mln4 місяці tagasi
20:21I Recreated My Squishy in Real Life | Bake With ME #8
I Recreated My Squishy in Real Life | Bake With ME #8Vaatamised 4,1 mln4 місяці tagasi
15:51Painting With Wool?!
Painting With Wool?!Vaatamised 7 mln5 місяців tagasi
17:44Customizing a JUMBO Nesting Doll Set
Customizing a JUMBO Nesting Doll SetVaatamised 4,3 mln5 місяців tagasi
15:12Customizing Many Shoes.
Customizing Many Shoes.Vaatamised 3,9 mln5 місяців tagasi
18:55Help Me Choose Squishies to Paint.
Help Me Choose Squishies to Paint.Vaatamised 3,2 mln5 місяців tagasi
17:14Dollar Store Makeover
Dollar Store MakeoverVaatamised 7 mln5 місяців tagasi
14:16Squishy Makeovers:  Easter Edition
Squishy Makeovers: Easter EditionVaatamised 5 mln6 місяців tagasi
13:36Testing Art Trends I've Missed #3
Testing Art Trends I've Missed #3Vaatamised 4,1 mln6 місяців tagasi
16:49Painting on Things in My Art Room
Painting on Things in My Art RoomVaatamised 6 mln6 місяців tagasi
19:06Fixing My Old Artwork #2
Fixing My Old Artwork #2Vaatamised 5 mln6 місяців tagasi


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  • Moriah: “That mouth is horrible” Me: I thought that was a nose.

  • I feel bad for the ppl who are new- well actually I don't. They need to adapt to our lifestyle😌💅🏻

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  • Winifred might be my favourite squishy makeover EVER 😍😍😍!!!

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  • After a long hard stressful week at school i just love to hear "hey it's me"

  • This video helps with tze fact that my throat is the soarest thing on earth

  • Moriah: questioning how cat hair is in paint Opie: worried that moriah discovered his secret artistic talent, which is why moriah runs our of paint so quickly

  • Woke up to this on the morning of my birthday. This is the second year in a row you've unintentionally given me the birthday gift of squishy makeovers. Thank you, Moriah!

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  • Video idea: Paint the compoter keyboard ( for example a - apple, b - bee, c - cow, d - dimond and you go on and on... Btw i looooooooveeee your videos i have been waching your videos from 2016 i think or something like that. ❤❤❤

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